The unseen benefits of traveling to Indonesia to learn Pencak Silat

The number of Silat practitioners in the United States is small, but we like to believe that this number is increasing as it becomes more known to the public. An even smaller number, is the number of practitioners that have gone to Indonesia to witness Silat first hand. We understand that financially it can be a burden, but if finances are not a problem then you should not hesitate to plan a trip out there. The people of Indonesia and their kindness have had an everlasting impact on my life that has only fueled my desire to study Silat even more. There is so much culture, history, and tradition in Indonesia that, when brought together with Silat, makes for a better understanding of the art. Although our hopes for the PSAOA are to bring skilled Silat masters from Indonesia to the United States, We strongly encourage every practitioner to travel to Indonesia at least once in their lifetime. We will also be working on possibly setting up a bi-annual camp in Indonesia in the not too distant future. In the meantime, please feel free to contact myself or any Silat instructor in the US if you have questions regarding going to Indonesia. We also encourage you to visit , which is a website based out of Indonesia run by a very good group of people, that has a lot of information about Silat and even has a forum in English.

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