About Us

What Does the PSAOA Do?

The PSAOA connects people living in America who wish to learn authentic Pencak Silat with Indonesian teachers who are recognized as experts in their field by their peers. This is accomplished by organizing work shops, seminars, camps and other learning opportunities within the United States and abroad, including Indonesia. The specifics of each event are left up to the actual teachers who present them, not the PSAOA.

What the PSAOA Does Not Do:

The PSAOA does not seek to impose any type of agenda on anyone. We simply wish to bring truly high quality Pencak Silat experts from Indonesia to America so they can share their arts with us and to organize learning opportunities in Indonesia as well. The PSAOA does not seek profit or prestige. It has no official positions of any kind to project or defend. It has no “face” or personality. It is not a brand. It is a portal.

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